20 May 2019
Asthma , Allergy
- Chemicals

In its last plenary sitting under the current election term, the European Parliament adopted a resolution on endocrine disruptor chemicals (EDCs). Such are chemicals that, at a certain level, can have harmful effects on the body’s hormone system.

Motion for Resolution pushed forward by a cross-party group of MEPs

The resolution was adopted with a landslide majority of 447 votes in favour, 14 against and 41 abstentions. It asks the Commission to ensure the protection citizens’ health against EDCs and to come up with a legislative proposal on this matter by June 2020.

Commission renewed interest in EDCs

Through its new EDCs Strategy adopted in November last year, the Commission demonstrated renewed interest in this issue. The communication proposes a comprehensive screening of the legislation applicable to EDCs through a fitness check.

As EDCs are ubiquitous in our environment, food and consumer products, they pose a threat to public health. Especially for asthma patients, data show a strong link between exposure to EDCs and triggering and/or exacerbating of asthma symptoms.

But also people living with allergies may be affected: EDCs identified in food contaminants have been found to enhance allergic sensitization.

The great parliamentary consensus in such a complex topic but crucial to health is a relevant premise for allergy and airways diseases patients. The resolution on EDCs shows a window of opportunity to better inform about environmental issues affecting our health and the impact industrial activity and products have in our health. Moreover, it reassures that despite fake news, ethical and relevant science will prevail and that the precautionary principle makes sense in our European societies.

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