20 June 2019
Asthma , COPD, Allergy, Food Allergy, Other Diseases
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The Innovative Medicine Initiative (IMI) is a public-private partnership between the European Union and the European pharmaceutical industry. It is working to improve health by speeding up the development of and the access to innovative treatments.

IMI does that by facilitating collaboration between key players in healthcare and by funding research projects. Some of these projects have been paramount in promoting patient involvement in research (such as U-BIOPRED).

Now the IMI is taking a step further and is creating a pool of patient experts to:

  • provide input on IMI’s scientific strategy (annual priorities, topic development etc.), for example by taking part in early consultations / workshops, SGG meetings, etc.;
  • participate in panels to review project proposals;
  • participate in reviews of ongoing and closed projects;
  • review the content of documents prepared for patients and the general public;
  • participate in IMI events.

We strongly recommend EFA Members and their network to apply to this important initiative. You can do so by submitting a form that you can find at this webpage.

The deadline for application is July 16th.

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