20 June 2019
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From 1st of July onwards, Finland will lead the European Council’s work for six months. The Scandinavian country plans to focus on the Economy of Wellbeing – an umbrella topic that encompasses policies in both the social and health sector. Although their planning has not yet been made public, EFA mapped some bits of it.

Better link economic growth and public health

The Finnish Presidency aims to demonstrate and reinforce the link between economic growth, actions on the social field, and the promotion of public health. One of the tools they will us is the assessment of the social, health and employment impacts of different policy measures, and how social and health investments impact economic growth.

Create a favourable environment for investment in wellbeing

Noting the lack of a horizontal perspective to assess the impact of health and social affairs, the upcoming Council leaders wish to build a more favourable environment for investment in the wellbeing sector. This will be achieved through the promotion of various initiatives in the area of health, universal health coverage, and social protection.

Progress on HTA expected

Regarding the ongoing EU health agenda, Finland is expected to seek progress on the Health Technology Assessment (HTA) regulation proposal, the economy of pharmaceuticals, and exposure to carcinogens.

Meanwhile, the Finnish Presidency is set to advance with the Council negotiations on the European Union Multi-Annual Financial Framework 2021-2027 (the EU overall budget), with a view to reach an agreement under its term.

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