13 June 2016
Asthma , Allergy
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Activity: The Asthma school is an 8 day camp to provide participants who have asthma and allergies with an opportunity for physical activity and to improve their knowledge of their illness, all in a positive environment and under expert guidance. The camp takes place in Idre in the north of Sweden. In the mornings the children go crosscountry skiing with their parents and after lunch they go downhill skiing. In the late afternoons and evenings the children and parents attend different classes about asthma and allergies.

The asthma course teaches camp participants about their disease and howto take care of themselves properly in order to feel as healthy as possible. Spending time with people who have similar
disorders creates a spirit of fellowship which goes a long way to improving the participants’ quality of life. 

Original name: Astmaskola I Idre

Author: Swedish Allergy and Asthma Association

Language: Swedish


astmaskola I Idre

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