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On the 11th-13th of May, Riga (Latvia) hosted the European eHealth Week. Attracting over 2,000 international delegates and 75 exhibitors, the event addressed the issue of ensuring patients data safety while providing personalised high quality care through mHealth.

Participants at the eHealth Week attended a range of sessions and activities including mHealth Summit EuropeEU SME eHealth Competitionan onsite matchmaking event and a state of the art exhibition including country pavilions from all over the world. Presentations from the event are available here.

Developing a Code of Conduct for mobile health apps

In July 2014, we took part in the European Commission’s (EC) public consultation on the developing Green Paper on mobile health. The consultation aimed to collect the opinions of all relevant stakeholders to guide the prospective development of the legislation. In EFA’s response to the consultation, we recommended to have m-health data regulated by advanced legislation; a monitoring of m-health applications by competent authorities; and patient involvement on the development of mHealth applications to maximise these apps’ usefulness.

To follow up on the mHealth Green Paper, the European Commission has started paving the way for an industry-led Code of Conduct for mobile health apps. This initiative was presented during mHealth stakeholder meeting at eHealth Week 2015. Find the results and polls of this meeting here.

For more information about eHealth and mHealth visit our thematic page on electronic tools and devicesthematic page on electronic tools and devices.