01 February 2011

After EFA's 'Call to Action' on COPD in the European Parliament in 2010 and the successful launch of the EFA Book on COPD in Europe , plans are now underway for a follow-up project to begin this year. Two workshops on the theme of COPD in Europe are planned to take place in the European Parliament, and will involve patients, political actors, policy-makers and medical and other experts. It is hoped that the workshops will focus on key priorities for treating, preventing and raising awareness of COPD as a chronic and widespread disease, and that an 'Own Initiative Report' of the European Parliament - a document which requests action from the European Commission - will be produced. EFA will be keeping its members up to date on the project as it progresses. Please contact Antje Fink-Wagner for further information This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..