01 February 2011
On the 9th of February in Brussels, EFA Executive Officer Susanna Palkonen spoke at an informal workshop organized by the European Commission on the theme of ‘Skin Allergies and Research’. The purpose of the workshop and was to present research findings and hear researchers and patients' point of view in the hope of informing the EU research agenda in the future. Various research findings on skin reactions to chemicals and other risk factors were presented, and Susanna spoke about the experience of living with skin allergy. She also explained how many EFA members have taken things into their own hands by developing ‘quality seals’ for products that most people with allergy and asthma can use. The meeting was followed by a discussion and an exchange of ideas on what future research priorities should be and the best way to proceed. The minutes of the meetings together with presentations will be available at the EC website soon and we will include the link in our next eZine. For more information: EFA Presentation: Living with Skin Allergies

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