29 September 2017

EFA Director of Policy and Strategyr Roberta Savli participated at a Global conference on COPD representing EFA, its members and European COPD patients. The meeting took place in Milan on 13th - 14th September.

Organised by the United States COPD Foundation, the meeting brought together COPD organisations from all around the globe. The objective was to find common ground to work together, by understanding what are the common needs and what should be the future objectives for COPD patients worldwide.

COPD is ranked 4th of the World Health Organisation’s mortality list, and according to WHO it will be the 3rd leading cause of death by 2030. Other estimates put it already as the 2nd cause of death worldwide.

EFA is currently running #COPDMove, a series of motivational videos from patient encouraging other patients to exercise regularly to improve their quality of life.

Learn more about this and other COPD projects:


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