03 April 2018
Europe, United Kingdom
- Medicines

In March we travelled to the UK and kicked-off our new project “Severely, Asthma!”, a video series that explores the different issues impacting the life of severe asthma patients. Severe asthma is subtype of asthma that does not respond to the basic existing asthma drugs, provoking more aggressive reactions that lead to hospitalisations and limiting the patients’ active lives. In a moment of great changes on asthma research and treatment conception, EFA launches real-life stories of patients who struggle but have learnt to cope and enjoy life. Do not miss the story of Peter, a patient living in Oxford who thanks to an accurate diagnosis of his severe asthma has finally the right treatment for him, a development that has literally changed his life.

To know more about our Severely, Asthma! Project visit our webpage.

201804 Severely Peter 3

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