09 November 2017
- Air Quality, - Food Safety, - Healthcare

The European Commission (EC) adopted on the 24th of October the Work Programme 2018, which sets up the EC’s priorities for next year activities. Unfortunately, health appeared not to be an immediate concern for the Commission’s team.

The work programme titled “An agenda for a more united, stronger and more democratic Europe” strongly focuses on the financial markets and deepening the economic and monetary union. The programme describes 26 new initiatives, including the respect of climate targets for 2030. Despite 3 million deaths a year are linked to air pollution, according to the World Health Organisation (WHO), indoor air quality will not be an area of work. Neither will it be the need to tackle the worrying problem of outdoor air pollution throughout European cities. 64 and 98% of the population are exposed to pollution levels that are above WHO air quality guidelines and about 30% above EU limits.

EFA regrets that battling chronic disease and inequalities together through access, prevention and harnessing the potential of patients receives no focus while health remains a priority for the people, alongside with prosperity.

On the good note, food supply has become a priority. EFA will use the opportunity to bring forward the debate on allergen management (link to our dedicated page in website) during the policy debate next year. Allergens, food labelling and food allergy are part of our core activities.

Read the EC’s Workplan 2018 here 

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