EFA continue to raise awareness on indoor air pollution and the need to improve Indoor Air quality (IAQ). This time, EFA's Roberta Savli explained ‘The importance of good IAQ and ventilation’ at the Build Up Webinar – Health Performance of nearly Zero – Energy Buildings (NZEBs) on the 15th December.

EFA, together with BUILD UP, Buildings2030 and REHVA (Federation of European HVAC Associations) participated in this webinar with the objective to raise awareness on why indoor air quality is so important within buildings, and how taking measures together on better energy and health performance of buildings should be considered as a must.  

We know that people spend 60-90% of their life indoors – at home, school, the office, inside restaurants. A clean air indoors is crucial for public health and particularly important for vulnerable groups, such as babies, children, the elderly, as well as people living with respiratory and allergic diseases. That is why EFA has been working and advocating along the year to EU to set up an Indoor Air Quality Certificate to become a reliable source of information and control of indoor air quality in the European Union.

The Energy Performance of Buildings Directive has now been voted by the Parliament and is currently under discussion between the Parliament, the Council and the European Commission. We are working with our members at the national level to raise awareness on this issue and will continue in 2018. Indoor air quality is not an individual problem, it causes (or exacerbates) respiratory diseases and we call on the EU to do something to protect health and quality of life of people living with these diseases.

Learn more about the webinar http://www.buildup.eu/en/events/build-webinar-health-performance-nearly-zero-energy-buildings-0

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