Smoking causes a great deal of respiratory diseases. It is source of nuisance and exacerbation for people with asthma, allergy; and is the main cause for chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). Because prevention is the one of the best ways to reduce the index of premature death caused by tobacco consumption - according to the World health organization (WHO) is responsible for the death of about six million people around the world- EFA welcomes the new European Tobacco Cessation Guidelines

The guidelines are the result of the TOB-G project, whose  objective was to develop and effective approach to diseases related to tobacco consumption. The project answers some of the main goals 3rd Health Programme, European Commission’s main instrument to implement EU Health Strategy to better prevent of chronic diseases, for which one of the trigger is tobacco dependence.

This document contains strategies and recommendations to assist health professionals in delivering effective treatment of tobacco dependence. They are the result of scientific reviews and evidence of good practices.

The project also provides the possibility to subscribe to an e-learning training for the use of the guidelines.

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