EFA signed the Call to Action to enhance labor opportunities for people with chronic diseases. EFA not only endorsed the Call to action but also contributed to draft it together with a Framework paper, giving inputs to represent airways chronic diseases patients. 

Inequality is the first consequence of employment obstacles. There is the misunderstanding that with chronic diseases patients are unable to work, when sometimes they only need minor adjustments.  There are different degrees of severity and with adequate support many patients can and indeed want to work, which may lead to an improvement of their quality of life, minimizing the negative financial impact of their illness and the risk of social exclusion.

The Call to action, initiated by the European Chronic diseases Alliance (ECDA), has been endorsed by 38 organizations to address barriers imposed to chronic diseases patients when entering in the labor market.

EFA is part of the 16 organizations partnership contributing to this thematic network on employability of people with chronic conditions in the EU, framed under the EU Health Policy Platform led by the European Commission.

As a next step, a follow up meeting with DG SANTE should take place in the coming months to discuss further the recommendations and their implementation.