06 March 2018
United Kingdom
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EFA member Asthma UK published in February their biggest Annual Asthma survey up to date: 7,000 patients responded on their daily difficulties because of asthma. The survey included this year new questions on asthma triggers, and the use of technology in asthma and health management.

The most pressing results are that two-thirds of people had no general practitioner follow-up after emergency care. This is an striking factor given that without proper follow-up asthma patients might encounter another aggressive episode obliging them to go back to the emergency room. Moreover, two-thirds of respondents declared not getting the basic care for their asthma.

Asthma triggers were another topical issue present in the survey. Respondents identified pollution as the hardest trigger to avoid, followed by colds and flu, then pollen.

Finally, over half of the respondents used a form of technology to manage asthma, such as wearable technology (such as Fitbits) and apps to book doctor appointments.

More interesting data in the full survey.

201802 Asthma UK survey

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