Following our article on this topic in March issue of this e-zine, EFA sent a policy brief on “the Commission proposal on provision of food information to consumers” for members and an explanatory document on the issues for people with food allergy and hypersensitivity, testimony and a letter to the members of the European Parliament (MEPs) of the Environment and Public Health and Food Safety Committee (ENVI). Our objective was to raise awareness about food allergies, and express concern about the risk of watering down the proposal. EFA also advocated for a regulation of precautionary “may contain” labelling and for the necessity of putting in place a safety chain for food allergens, just as is currently in place for hygiene. The letter also called for clear labelling of non pre-packed food and of changes of recipe in case of allergens. The draft report was adopted by the ENVI Committee after considering 800 amendments. It recommends giving up the 3mm minimum font size that EFA supports. For non prepacked food, an amendment proposes that a sign will be placed in the sale area to indicate that food allergen information is available on demand but unfortunately also warning that cross contamination cannot be avoided. However another amendment proposes to make it compulsory to indicate food allergen on the package for food chains serving standardized food. The report of the ENVI committee is now scheduled to be discussed in plenary session at the European Parliament at the end of May 2010 and EFA together with our Food Allergy Working Group of Members will follow up. Link toEFA letter to Members of the European Parliamentof the Environment and Public Health and Food Safety Committee Link to testimony of a patient with severe food allergy

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