EFA to host Finnish Allergy Programme meeting in Helsinki

31 October 2012
Europe, Finland
EFA will host a meeting to introduce the Finnish Allergy Programme this November On the 8th and 9th of November EFA will host a meeting inHelsinki on...

Member News - October 2012

31 October 2012
Portugal, United Kingdom
EFA member Allergy UK has published a new magazine for healthcare professionals and EFA meets soon-to-be member RESPIRA in Portugal. Allergy UK launches...

EU Policy Update

31 October 2012
In policy news this month, the Commission publishes its 2013 Work Programme, EMA releases its opinion on medical packaging wording, updates on EU structural...

EFA in meetings - October 2012

31 October 2012
EFA has been busy this month writing for the new EPF blog, attending the last meeting of the HealthVent project, travelling to the Gastein Health Policy...

The Health Commissioner's Resignation

31 October 2012
The EU health Commissioner resigns causing fears to rise that the upcoming Tobacco Products’ Directive will be further delayed. John Dalli resigns...

Treatment Updates

31 October 2012
In treatment news this month, new guidelines are published to help healthcare professionals in the field of smoking cessation, the European Patients’...

EFA National Alignment Meetings

25 October 2012
In 2011 EFA established a goal to specifically expand its membership to Spain after a prolonged absence of Spanish patient associations in the organisation....

Meeting to Introduce the Finnish Allergy Programme

17 October 2012
Europe, Finland
After extensive presentations of the Finnish Allergy Programme, EFA is now taking delegations from 3 member countries to Finland 8th-9th November to first...

May contains/contains food allergen labelling needs improvement

04 October 2012
Food Allergy
- Food Safety
The adoption of the new EU regulation on the provision of food information to consumers by the European Parliament and the Council of the EU was welcomed...

Welcome to the EFA e-News September 2012

03 October 2012
Greetings from the EFA Board who held their meeting on the 19th of September in Brussels. Please save the date and venue of our next AGM and network meeting...

Featured EFA News

03 October 2012
This month EFA reports on its food allergen labelling event at the European Parliament and has news about a European project soon to issue guidelines on...

EFA in Meetings - September 2012

03 October 2012
EFA has been busy racing around over the last few weeks (literally!). We participated in the the ELF Lung Run, hosted a stand at the ERS World Village...

EFA and EU Policy Updates

03 October 2012
In policy news this month we report on the air quality situation in Europe and how two new EU proposals are aiming to improve the safety of medical devices...

Treatment Updates

03 October 2012
In care related news this month, new guidelines on atopic eczema have been published and a big capacity building project for patients on clinical trials...

EFA's Other Activities

03 October 2012
In other news EFA has made a large contribution to a new report on COPD published last month, and the GAAPP has been presented at a scientific conference...

European Parliament Magazine writes article about EFA Event

20 September 2012
On 20 September, 2012 the European Parliament magazine released an article on the EFA "Contains/May Contain" Food Allergen Labelling Event at the European...

The New EU Pharmacovigilance Statute

18 September 2012
Check out EMA´s newest video on pharmacovigilance: The new European Union pharmacovigilance legislation

EFA Q&A with Karin Kadenbach (MEP)

10 September 2012
EFA Q&A with Karin Kadenbach (MEP) Mrs. Karin Kadenbach, an Austrian Member of European Parliament, sits down with EFA to discuss EU healthcare...

Learn to live with asthma - Episode 1

04 September 2012

EFA "May Contain/Contains" Food Allergen Labelling Event

01 September 2012
Food Allergy
- Food Safety
Location:   European Parliament - Jòzsef Antall (JAN) building, 6Q1 room Date:   Wednesday, 19th September, 2012 from 18:00 to 20:30 Hosting...

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